Innovation Challenges

Challenge 01

Differentiating experiences for our Clients and Consumers.

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Challenge 02

Connected Field and Crop Yield Improvement.

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Challenge 03

Improved product shelf life.

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Challenge 04

Operational Efficiency.

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Challenge 05

Sustainable Value Chain.

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We provide Opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups and researchers to offer solutions and link with Danper.
  • Up to 10 teams will access the first Open Innovation program to adapt the best solutions with a specialized team from Danper and collaborating organizations.
  • Opportunity to implement projects that will be funded by Danper and Innóvate Perú.
  • Opportunity to generate networks and connections with DANPER members and our extensive network in the agriculture industry.
  • Possibility of being part of Danper's network of specialized providers.


  • Being a startup with an innovative solution (products or prototypes) validated at a technological level.
  • Startups with Disruptive and innovative solutions that can fit with any of the challenges.
  • Have the availability to work with DANPER and implement the technological solution and seek business growth.
  • Been a company legally incorporated in the origin country and accredit at least 01 year of operation.

*Applicant organizations must ensure that they comply with everything specified in the terms and conditions.

Download the terms and condition



Aug 10 –
Sep 30

Pre-selection (shortlisting) of solutions

Oct 1st –
Oct 24

Activities with shortlisted candidates and project preparation

Oct 25 –
Nov 25

Project evaluation

Dec 1st -
Dec 18

Final Results

December 19



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