Danper announces sponsorship of Club Deportivo Carlos A. Mannucci

5 February, 2019

Danper, a Trujillo world leader brand in agro-exports, committed to talent, safe and healthy food and promoting sports in the region and across the country, announced today it will sponsor Carlos A. Mannucci Sports Club.

Through this sponsorship, Danper seeks to strengthen the values, competitiveness and development spirit the club promotes in children and adolescents who see this club and its players as role models in their daily lives. Additionally, it joins the transformation that soccer is going through in our country, where it increasingly becomes a vehicle for social development.

This alliance between Danper and the Mannucci Club, that includes the flagship “Casa Verde” brand sold in the local market, aims at promoting physical well-being and improving the team’s nutritional condition since Casa Verde products are made essentially with Andean grains -such as quinoa and spelt wheat- that will be included in the athletes’ diet. As role models of a healthy lifestyle and working hand in hand with the renowned local brand, the two organizations seek to achieve a virtuous circle for training of young athletes and anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

“We see this alliance with great optimism and enthusiasm, given the team’s efforts in the last year. Furthermore, the Club is managed with the professionalism and values that Danper shares and enforces, so we hope that our participation will encourage all the club supporters to start good practices and habits that will make us grow as a society and a country, ” said Roger Carruitero, Administration and Human Capital Manager at Danper’s headquarters.

Danper is a leading company in global agribusiness. Through its intense and fruitful development dynamics, it has become, an important and effective change agent in our region and across the country throughout its 25 years of institutional life, as it transforms the lives of its people and stakeholders.

This is a special year for Danper: it celebrates its 25 Years of business career, so it considers Mannucci’s arrival to the first league as another celebration of its Anniversary, of its Pride.

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Danper anuncia patrocinio al Club Deportivo Carlos A. Mannucci

5 February, 2019

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