We are suppliers of the most demanding world food brands and supermarket chains. We develop a direct sales policy to our clients from the five continents.


Our pesto sauces offer the palate marked sensations that stimulate the senses. They are considered as distillates of desire; not only do they affect taste and smell sensations, but they come in a palette of colors that enhance the visual appearance of a dish and sometimes orchestrate different sensations to it.


These delicious mixtures with flavors ranging from tropical to Mediterranean are excellent companions for snacks and meals, either on the bittersweet or salty side.


Small pieces of our fine range of vegetables bruschettas are perfect companions to a wide variety of main dishes.


Vegetables and a grill, a hard-to-resist combination. Excellent accompaniment for your meals at home or a day outdoors. This presentation gives your table a certain gourmet touch.


Our vinaigrettes are characterized by being A natural and enhancing flavor for salads and other dishes, our vinaigrettes are made from fruits and fine vegetables, seasoned with by spices and herbs, they are rich in minerals. A captivating and exotic taste on the palate.

Artichoke Salad

Salads are an excellent combination of highly nutritious and delicious food, made from carefully marinated vegetables.


Our jams are the perfect mix of fruits and vegetables that preserve the flavor of their original ingredients. They are excellent companions at breakfast, afternoon tea, or in delicious appetizer and / or canapé.


Spreads made from our finest highly nutritious vegetables, they make the perfect complement to hors d’oeuvre and / or canapés. Challenge your creativity in the kitchen and make your table look great.


Quinoa Dips

The perfect combination of quinoa, pesto, pepper and artichoke with spinach.
In a unique presentation to enjoy the best moments.