Innovation that transcends

We contribute to the world’s food security, through natural resource optimization; production of new, more nutritious and functional foods; and packaging innovation, in order to have safe food available for the longest amount of time.

To preserve its leadership and position as a benchmark in Peruvian agribusiness, Danper has research, development and innovation (RDI) as key and strategic activities. Our RDI area is supported by two key pillars.

Danper, como líder y referente en la Agroindustria Peruana, tiene como actividades claves y estratégicas a la investigación, el desarrollo y la innovación (IDI). Nuestra área de IDI está soportado en 2 pilares claves.

Our goal of engaging in green agriculture is reflected in our numerous research efforts to design new and innovative environmentally friendly pesticides and fertilizers, in addition to similar products we already successfully use in our fields. We continuously search for new crop varieties to meet the flavor, size and other specifications required by our consumers around the world. We practice innovative and precision agriculture, and have pioneered the use of drones, satellite technology and in-house software and application development. We respect the environment and inclusion of our surrounding communities.

We constantly test new technologies, raw materials and packaging materials to competitively provide foods with high added value, rid of artificial colorings, flavors or preservatives. We invest in equipment and infrastructure to create high impact innovation, and are the only agribusiness in Peru to have a Sensory Evaluation Laboratory, as well as a Life Time and Packaging Study Laboratory, meeting the highest international standards.

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