Sustainable commitment:
A key element at the heart of our business estrategy


Neither philanthropy nor charity, our sustainability model is an effective way to create value for our workers and assure sustainability for our company, value chain, region and country. It is a powerful and effective tool to build a country through our development dynamics, which we execute in three areas.


It promotes capacity building of personnel in the industry.

It impacts community development in our areas of influence.

It enhances supplier productivity.

It breaks the vicious circle of poverty and exclusion, affecting millions of Peruvians.

It preserves the environment from potentially adverse production impacts.

It creates a significant number of decent jobs.

It contributes to raising the quality of life in our communities.

It promotes gender equity.

It improves the performance of small and medium producers along the value chain.

It promotes the development of personnel and their families.

It drives innovative ideas to generate inclusive business throughout the value chain.

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