26 November, 2021

Rosario Bazán, President of CADE Executive Conference 2021, and Danper’s co-founder and CEO, delivered the concluding remarks at the closing of the 59th edition of this important forum, which for three days brought together the main representatives of government, industry and civil society to debate and put on the agenda relevant issues for Peru’s inclusive development.

“As businesspersons, we need to respond to the urgent mandate to contribute from across Peru’s regions to generate economic growth and social progress, by creating decent and dignified jobs. We appreciate, Mr. President, you have confirmed your commitment to the preservation of the institutional framework, the rule of law and to governance, which are elementary conditions to promote private investment and the economic reactivation that our country requires so much today,” said the president of CADE Executive Conference 2021.

A complete video featuring Rosario Bazán’s remarks at Bicentennial CADE’s closing ceremony is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YSzeVG1hoQ