31 March, 2022

31 March 2022

  • Since 2016, Danper workers have been able to complete their basic education studies thanks to an alliance between the company and the local educational authorities of La Libertad. 

31 March 2022.- Over 8 million Peruvians over the age of 15 have not completed their basic education. Committed to closing this gap and make possible greater access to inclusive, equitable and quality education, since 2016, Danper has been running the in-house CEBA Danper program so company workers who failed to graduate from school can resume their basic studies, finish them and continue to grow.

In an emotional opening ceremony, Danper welcomed over 300 company employees enrolled in the 2022 program, in addition to nearly 100 graduates who have successfully completed their secondary education through this initiative.

“Agribusiness companies create thousands of jobs for vulnerable rural and urban populations. We have a great important opportunity to contribute to closing educational gaps in these areas, partnering with other institutions and so contribute to the progress of. working men and women in our industry”, says Roger Carruitero, Danper’s Human Capital Manager.

This program is part of an agreement between Danper and CEBA No. 80047 Ramiro Ñique, signed six years ago, to implement an Alternative Basic Education Center in its facilities, in the framework of the CEBA EMPRESA strategy created by the Ministry of Education.

Between 2016 and 2019, the program was in person. Since 2020, with the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, it was taught in a digital environment, accomplishing greater reach for the benefit of plant and field workers in Trujillo and Arequipa. In 2022, the program will also reach students from the company’s operations in Piura, Olmos and Chincha.

“Education is a key vehicle to grow and develop. These students, who are company workers, show us through their example that there are no age limits for learning and move forward firmly toward the goal of being better people and professionals and continue moving forward. We are proud of them”, says Roger Carruitero.

About CEBA Empresa

The CEBA Empresa strategy created by the Ministry of Education takes place through agreements between companies and Alternative Basic Education Centers (CEBAs). Both institutions take care of several efforts by mutual agreement and provide workers or the community with an educational service through flexible forms of care.

About Danper

A Peruvian agro-industrial company whose management model is based on the creation of Shared Value, where profitability hinges on the social progress of its people and communities. It provides the most prestigious supermarket chains on the planet with nutritious food options such as fruits, super grains, gourmet foods, ready to eat (prepared food) and organic, in four process presentations, including canned, fresh, frozen and dry grains.

Danper runs operations in several departments across Peru, notably La Libertad, Lambayeque, Piura, Arequipa, Ica, Cajamarca and Amazonas.

For more details, visit the Ministry of Education’s CEBA Directorate publication from October 2020 at