Danper participated in the International Leaders Circle Conference

28 May, 2019

"The company values and prioritizes capacity building among its workers, and promoting continuous progress in our society"

Thanks to the international recognition for promoting development of our country and improving its workers’ quality of life, Danper, represented by its Executive Director and founder, Jorge Arangurí, was invited to speak at the International Leaders Circle Conference organized by Bayer, a recognized global research company which seeks solutions to create a better life for millions of people around the world.

Important entrepreneurs from around the world gathered in New Jersey to share experiences on the main agribusiness trends contributing to people’s development. In this regard, Jorge Arangurí highlighted Danper’s effort and explained how Danper has become one of the most important agribusiness companies operating in Peru’s market.

“From our beginnings at Danper, we always had the firm conviction that we could contribute to our country’s development by creating a company characterized not only by the excellent quality of its products, but above all, by the quality of its people, of its labor relations, and its relations with clients and suppliers,” the executive said.

Arangurí shared the panel with leading specialists in the field of agribusiness such as Debra Gangwish, from the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, a corn seeds grower from Nebraska, USA; Gabriela Nichel, agronomist and farmer on over 2,500 hectares in Rio Grande, Brazil; and Brandon Hunt, a corn, soybeans and wheat grower from Kentucky, USA.

At the conference Arangurí new industry trends and its big challenges. He also highlighted Danper’s sustainability policies and commitment to its workers.

“Sustainability is a key element in business strategies because it combines putting into practice values, respect and commitment to our human capital, the community and the environment, focusing on increasing productivity and competitiveness in a permanent and sustained manner. In this way we can improve the economic, social and environmental performance of the company, generating value for all its stakeholders.”

Arangurí said the company’s greatest challenge is to meet the needs and expectations of clients and final consumers, and to assure safe products and services that are economically competitive and of consistent quality for the market. Likewise, he pointed out the importance of enhancing the professional and personal lives of all team members in the company; maintaining safe work environments, and protecting and training the company’s personnel.

“In Peru, companies must maximize the competitive advantage of the country’s diverse climates and of each geographic location by applying technology and professionalism to exploit the growing trend towards super foods and seal the country’s position as the “Food Pantry» for the world. For this reason, our goal is to continue growing economically, but generating social progress”, ended Jorge Arangurí.

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