12 September, 2022

Since 2016, Danper’s Victoria gender equity program has impacted over 1,500 students and more than 5,600 company workers.

  • In partnership with the High-Performance School of La Libertad, so far this year more than 100 students have been trained in gender equity issues.
  • In an emotional meeting, the general manager and founder of Danper, Rosario Bazán, shared her life story with the students.

Danper, a leading agro-industrial company in Peru, contributes to changing behaviors and minds to end discrimination and violence against women in its neighboring communities. To this end, since 2016, it has trained its workers as spokespersons for gender equality and has sensitized more than La Libertad 1,500 students  in schools in Trujillo and Virú.

This year, in partnership with the High-Performance School-COAR La Libertad, 4th grade secondary school students attended workshops on gender stereotypes, inequalities, gender violence, positive masculinities, and inclusive language, among others.

During an emotional meeting at COAR-La Libertad, located in Virú, the founder and general manager of Danper, Rosario Bazán, shared her story of business success, her origins and the enormous challenges that as a woman she had to overcome to turn her company into a leading food production and export business.

“We are persuaded that gender equity is an essential element for the sustainable development of our country. When a woman takes a step forward, our society advances, because the progress of women is the progress of all”, said Danper’s CEO.

Rosario Bazán invited the students to “build their life purpose”, motivating them to trace a path of success and opportunities.

“It is essential to create a life purpose that transcends our individual interests and economic objectives in order to positively impact, through our actions, the lives of others, especially the most vulnerable, and thus contribute to the inclusive growth our country needs,” she said.

At another time, the founder and general manager of Danper moderated a panel with women workers from the company and Victoria volunteers, who shared their learnings and challenges as agents of change at work, school, communities and family.

The Victoria program will hold weekly meetings with guest speakers who will share their life experiences to raise awareness of gender gaps and motivate students to build a country with equal opportunities for all.

About Danper’s commitment to gender equity

Danper is the first and only Peruvian agro-industrial company to holding the EDGE leading global gender equity certification it first earned in 2015. Its corporate governance structure promotes equal opportunities within the company, having managed to to reduce the wage gap to 3.78% compared to a wage gap of 25% across Peru.