5 September, 2022

  • Since its foundation Danper, a leading agro-industrial company, has provided free exclusive health services for women workers and their and children at its network of medical centers.
  • Workers who comply with their prenatal in gynecology, obstetrics, nutrition and psychology check-ups are rewarded with cribs for their newborns.

A hundred pregnant workers are beneficiaries of the “Mamás que dejan Huella” program, an initiative that promotes prenatal check-ups and responsible motherhood at the Danper Medical Center, which provides free care to these women and their children. Health care focuses on promoting their well-being and baby development. Of the 100 women treated this year, 47 are  first time mothers.

The program seeks to promote responsible motherhood by offering a personalized and free service for pregnant women in various specialties and services such as: gynecology, obstetrics, state-of-the-art ultrasound, nutrition and psychology. In addition to conducting virtual monthly workshops on breastfeeding, responsible parenthood, among others.

The workers and their families also attend afternoon dynamics, talks and workshops on breastfeeding and nutrition during their pregnancy conducted by  specialists from the Danper Medical Center.

The gift cots are made by young people in rehabilitation from the Associated Therapeutic Counseling Association (ATA), who in partnership with Danper, have developed furniture making skills and have been making furniture for 5 years, reusing wood pallets from factory operations.

Acerca de Danper

Danper supplies the most prestigious supermarkets around the planet with nutritious food solutions such as fruits, supergrains, gourmet, ready-to-eat (prepared) and organic food, in four versions: canned, fresh, frozen, and dry grains.

The company runs production facilities in various states across Peru, including La Libertad, Lambayeque, Piura, Arequipa, Ica, Cajamarca and Amazonas.