The first class of our Danper CEBA has graduated!

19 December, 2018

The graduation of the first class of the Center for Alternative Basic Education (CEBA) took place last Friday, on December 14. The school operates on DANPER’s facilities.

Thanking the company for all the support provided to them for the completion of their high school studies. The graduates of this First Class named their class after our founder “Rosario Bazán de Arangurí”.

In a moving ceremony, 27 DANPER workers graduated after two years of study, and so concluded their secondary education. The graduation was attended by Danper’s General Manager, Rosario Bazán. She highlighted the students’ efforts and motivated them to continue studying, talking to them about achieving goals under the Be-Do-Have principle.

The ceremony was also attended by Danper’s Executive Director, Jorge Arangurí, who spoke of the company’s management model based on sustainable commitment to the development and well-being of people. He emphasized Danper has committed to this model from the start of its operation, as they are persuaded of its effectiveness. In turn, Roger Carruitero, Human Capital Manager at the company’s headquarters, mentioned that this CEBA and its participants are an example that age, status or occupation do not matter if we want to achieve our goals. The UGEL Director was represented by Lucila Guanilo, a teacher at the Ramiro Ñique School.

As a token of gratitude for all the support received for the completion of their secondary studies, the students named this first class after “Rosario Bazán de Arangurí”.

This program began with the signing of an Institutional Cooperation Agreement with UGEL 4 in May 2016, to provide access to quality education for young and adult workers in the company who for various reasons could not complete their basic studies (Pre-School, Primary and Secondary). With a view at fostering research and development, Danper provided its facilities to organize the Center for Alternative Basic Education – CEBA, run by the Ramiro Ñique School in the Moche District. The school has adopted a semi-face-to-face model with two periods during the school year. Danper also provided educational materials and paid for the teachers’ transportation.